How Do You Know If You Are Eating Too Much Fruit? Ep59

The other day someone posted a question about fruit, asking if they were eating too much fruit and how would they know? This person said they are eating 10-15 fruits a day, which in my book is a lot! Doing a day or two of eating all fruit as a cleanse is fine, it’s short-term, but when someone goes on a long-term diet of exclusively eating fruit (like a fruitarian diet), or a very high fruit diet, over time they will probably run into some health issues. So in today’s video I talk about this, I also go over some of the symptoms of having too much fruit in the diet, give some recommendations and guidelines as to how much fruit is optimal, plus offer some suggestions for substitutes and alternatives. It’s all about finding a healthy balance!! 🙂


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One thought on “How Do You Know If You Are Eating Too Much Fruit? Ep59

  1. Natasha, could you please make a video on what your daily diet is like? I’ve been eating a high fruit vegan diet for the past 2 years until I got very low in vitamins A, D and B12, started having issues with my teeth, gums, skin and hair. I feel like I need to find the right balance because i feel like eating tons of dates as my calories source is not optimal for my health. I also feel guilty even thinking about consuming animal products again. I would greatly appreciate your imput, any suggestions and recipes!

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