How To Not Give In to Addictions & Cravings! Ep58

In spirit of starting a New Year and for those making goals and determinations to let go of addictions and bad habits, today I share what has worked for myself and my coaching clients to let go of addictions and not give into cravings. As hard and daunting as it might seem, there is a way to get beyond your addictions and bad habits and be free of them for good!

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One thought on “How To Not Give In to Addictions & Cravings! Ep58

  1. Right on! I read something in a book once that said we’re perfect exactly the way we are and perfect exactly where we are. Perfect not meaning without fault or no need for improvement, but perfect meaning that we’re who we are and where we are for what we need at the time. For example, to sort of reiterate what you said in this video, if we’re at the bottom of the barrel, so-to-speak, then we’re in the perfect place in order to put our feet down and push ourselves up.

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