How To Make A Basic Green Juice + Tips On Making Great Juices, Ep56

I LOVE Green Juices! If you were to add one thing into your diet to drastically improve your health, nutrition, energy levels, mood, skin, digestion, etc.. it would be green juices all the way!!! Yes such a simple little drink can yield such big results, especially if taken consistently every single day!

In today’s video I share my basic green juice recipe that I use to make my daily green juices– this is a basic recipe to get anyone started with making green juices. You are certainly welcome to add other ingredients in and experiment with different tastes and flavours. In today’s video I also go over the basics of juicing, offering tips and suggestions on how to prepare your ingredients and use your juicer more effectively to yield more juice, avoid clogging the juicer when using it, and also different ways of straining the juices to make them more smooth and palatable. - Green Juice

Natasha’s Basic Green Juice Recipe  (makes 1 serving – 500mL/2 Cups)

1 Cucumber (with skin)
2 stalks of Celery
1 Green Apple
500mL (2 Cups) of packed Spinach

Chop all ingredients and juice them using a juicer. Strain if needed.

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