My Opinion On Popular Diets, Ep51

Every week I receive at least one email asking me what my opinion is on certain popular diets and whether it’s necessary to restrict one’s diet so much or cut food groups out in order to get results. In today’s video I give my opinion on popular diets and also offer some additional suggestions on how to effectively approach one’s diet, how to eat healthier, what to cut out, and the importance of balance so that one can maintain a healthy lifestyle over the long term.

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One thought on “My Opinion On Popular Diets, Ep51

  1. Natasha, I really appreciate this post!! I have been trying to divert my focus on food for several months and it is an annoying habit. Life is definitely more than food. An exercise regime is not part of my life. My goal this year was to create a life where exercise not food is the priority. I am a sporatic exerciser, have an ever-changing schedule, and am short on time, and have low energy. I am not in shape currently. Any suggestions that you have about an approach or philosophy to exercise or how to begin this journey are much appreciated. Have a wonderful day!

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