Q&As On My Pregnancy + Tips For Pregnancy Cravings & Healthy Eating, Ep49

I’m 27 weeks pregnant, just 3 more months to go (due October 1)!!!

In today’s video I answer some questions I have received regarding my pregnancy, what I’m eating and how I’m keeping healthy, plus I answer some questions from other pregnant women about cravings and how to eat healthier and get out of a junk food rut!

Below are some recent photos of pregnant me, plus a photo of my husband Gedé & I!

I’ve also received quite a few emails asking if I am still hosting the monthly 10 Day Juice Fasting Program, 7 Day Raw Food Challenge and offering Telephone Coaching– Yes!! Definitely! (I don’t participate in the fasting or anything while pregnant but I do host the programs every month as I normally do!)




Want to join the next 10 Day Juice Fasting Program? It starts Tuesday, July 9, 2013!!! The program includes menu planners to transition on and off the fast, fasting outline, daily videos specifically made to guide you through the fast (20-40 minutes long each) and an online forum to connect with everyone from around the world doing the juice fast with you! Natasha is on the private Juice Fasting Forum daily answering questions and offering additional support! CLICK HERE to sign-up!

3 thoughts on “Q&As On My Pregnancy + Tips For Pregnancy Cravings & Healthy Eating, Ep49

  1. You are radiant! Speaking of which, I’ve been watching your videos for quite some time now … including all of your Raw Radiant Health videos … and as I go back and view those older videos now and compare them to the more recent ones, I definitely see a difference. Maybe it’s just me … or the lighting or something else, but there is a definite difference between when you were eating 100% raw vs. eating a whole foods diet. I didn’t notice it at the time, but now that I can compare the two, there is a very big difference. Over time I could actually see your B-12 deficiency on your face. Like I said, it could have been the lighting because all of those older videos were done indoors. But from what I see in those, it looks like you have dark circles under your eyes and your face seems somewhat gaunt. But as I’ve watched you transition from all raw to whole foods, there’s a huge difference that I can see and everything about you just seems more vibrant. Seems like you’re definitely on the right track. And you are even more radiant now with a little bun in the oven!

    BTW, I just gave birth to my sixth baby at age 47. A very healthy 9 pound baby boy. It was also my sixth homebirth and, once again, everything went beautifully!

    1. Congratulations Sheri on your recent birth! Wow, 6 children, and all natural home births, amazing!!!! My husband Gedé is one of 7 children and he loves having so many brothers and sisters and such a big family!!!

      1. Thank you so much, Natasha!

        So … since your husband loves having a big family, does that mean he also wants to have a lot of children as well? I know you’re in your thirties, but since I had my sixth at age 47, I know it can be done. 🙂

        I also just want to let you know what an inspiration you’ve been to me over the years … not only about healthy eating, but about doing things because they feel right to you, rather than following the “herd of humanity” as I like to call them. I like to take a long hard look at societal traditions and ask why. But sometimes it’s hard to do. So when I find someone like you, it’s like a breath of fresh air. Thank you!

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