I’m Back, And…! Ep47

I’m Back!!! And I’ve got super exciting news to share! I’m pregnant! 16weeks (4 months) along! I had to take a break from the weekly videos for the past 2 months because I had terrible morning sickness! But I’m feeling much better now, and so happy to be back making videos again (and sharing the super fabulous news!!!!!)

As I mentioned in today’s video, if you have any video requests or topics you want me to cover in upcoming videos, please post your requests below!

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18 thoughts on “I’m Back, And…! Ep47

  1. Congratulations on your first child !! I wanted to make a request for a “day in the life” video or a video that shows a more in depth view of how your lifestyle is different now from when you first started this journey .. My Youtube channel is simplifythreesixfive and I’m just starting videos documenting my “transition” to becoming healthier and would love to know some of the major differences your lifestyle reflects now vs. the beginning !! Thank you in advance and I wish you best with this pregnancy !!

  2. Congratulations I just have to let u know after your videos on eradicating your pcos I went vegan now vegetarian and I also eradicated my pcos and im due 21st Oct how amazing we due the same month. Thank from the bottom of my heart for your advice.

  3. That’s fantastic news Natasha! I was wondering if you did anything special to cope with the morning sickness?

  4. Congratulations Natasha! Oh … I know what you’ve been through! I have complete empathy for you. Morning (actually “all day”) sickness has always been a nightmare for me, to the point where I cannot even swallow my own saliva because it makes me throw up (I would have to spit all the time – yuck!). Thankfully, it always ends for me about the same time it did for you. I am due to deliver my sixth baby in just a few weeks, so your video hits really close to home for me at this time of my life. Baby number 1 … baby number 6 … it’s all so exciting when a new little life enters the world! Best of luck and blessings to you, your husband and your baby!

    1. Oh, by the way, ginger syrup was my life saver during the morning sickness (found at my local health food store). That, and keeping my tummy full, but not too full. My midwife said that different remedies will work at different times, so it’s important to have an arsenal of stuff available. That is very true … but one constant was always the ginger syrup. Just some helpful things I’ve learned along the way which perhaps you can use during any future pregnancies.

      1. Sorry … one more thing. Preggie Pop Drops were wonderful for me! They took away the nasty taste in my mouth and made it so I didn’t have to spit ALL the time. But once one had finished disolving in my mouth, I’d immediately have to get another one in or start spitting again. It was crazy! But now it’s just a memory …… and then everything is worth it.

        1. One more thing, and then I promise I’m done. I’m having my sixth baby at age 47 and everything is fine. All home/water births. So age 37 for you … not a big deal. It’s so wonderful how healthy and strong you are since you made all the changes that you have in your life … and being able to get pregnant only confirms that. Oh, and one more thing about morning sickness. Throughout my baby making career, I’ve had three miscarriages very early on in the pregnancies. With those, I either never got sick, or just got a little bit sick (was able to handle it well) and then started getting better too soon. So … for me … the horrible sickness was always a blessing in disguise. The sicker I was, the healthier the baby. Not true for every woman, but true for me.

  5. I knew it! I just had a feeling as I was looking at your wedding video and pictures a couple months ago. I thought, “She’s going to be pregnant soon!” Congratulations! I’m wishing you and baby a happy and healthy pregnancy, labor, and delivery! I’ve been waiting for this for a while because I’ve always hoped you’d do pregnancy and childbirth with a healthy lifestyle videos since I began watching your videos. Welcome to the mamma club, it’s a nice place to be!

  6. Congratulations Natasha…and Hubby!
    That is so Awesome! 🙂

    I would love a Video on Releasing Food Addictions!

  7. Congratulations from me as well, Natasha, I too had a feeling when you stopped doing videos back in february. 🙂 This is great news, and I wish you and your husband all the best with your pregnancy!
    I’d be interested in a video about the high raw diet – what foods are ok, what cooking techniques are okay – is baking allowed, or just steaming? Are grains like barley or spelt or rye or wheat ok, cooked and raw? How much cooked food is ok anyway if you still want to call it high raw? I seem to do much better on a high raw diet than on 100% raw food – this may change in the summer months, but I actually feel dizzy and hungry if I don’t get a percentage of my calories from cooked grains.
    Again, all the best for you!

  8. Congratulations!!! So happy for YOU both! Would love to see a video series on preparing healthy meals for kids. For me, the struggle to stay high-raw has been centered around what to feed my kids at dinner. Also, I’ve always wondered where you got that circle pendant necklace you used to wear (I want one similar!). You are glowing <3

  9. Congratulations! Such wonderful news! You really look radiant!
    I was wondering if you could talk a bit about your opinion of the Paleo diet? It is becoming hugely popular in Northern California where I live and find that I am on the same page with a lot of it (eating whole foods, lots of veggies, organic), but am having a hard time believing that I should give up grains completely. I am gluten free, but I feel like quinoa really helps fuel me, and I also eat oatmeal and amaranth from time to time. Any thoughts?

  10. I saw your video yesterday and I knew it…I just had a feeling that I will go this nine months way with you

    It is true? Or I overheard me? Your delivery date is the 1st October? It is really excellent, because me too.
    I am so excited and curious about your diet, pls tell something about it and your daily routine now,
    It is really wonderful to know that anywhere in Bali lives a person who is pregnant just like me
    and have so many good meals ideas which I also can try
    Your energy is so positive and you are really a good motivator,
    that’s why I am so happy that you also be pregnant.

    I would like to tell you much more, but English is not my mother tongue, it is really difficult to express my feelings

    I hope to see and here you soon

  11. How are you doing? I calculate you are about 20 weeks! I love your blog, Im 56 years old and just now getting into the whole healthfood thing. I am the momma to 9 boys and 5 girls, all are now adults except 2 teens. Cant wait to see new videos!

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