Tips & Suggestions For Dry Skin In The Winter, Ep42

Got dry skin during the winter? Here are some solutions! Today I give some skin care, diet, and lifestyle suggestions for combating the effects of the drying winter months, plus a few tips on what types of oils are beneficial to use on the body as a moisturizer, and different ways to use them so that they absorb well and leave your skin feeling soft & smooth!

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3 thoughts on “Tips & Suggestions For Dry Skin In The Winter, Ep42

  1. Hi Natasha,
    Many thanks for the wonderful tips! I will get a shower filter for sure :-)! And will try out the alternative oils you have suggested.
    Many, many thanks and best wishes,

    P.S. I just remembered that another question I wanted to ask you for a while is if you have any suggestions what to do against bladder infection. This is another thing I struggle a lot – especially during winter. I know quiet a bit about natural remedies (granberry juice, special teas with birch leaves, …) but often they do not work very well or do not prevent the infection. Ideally I would like to strengthen my system and prevent rather then treat! Any suggestions would be really appreciated. Many thanks!

    1. well I used to eat organic probiotic plain yogurt or kefir (with no fruit). drink lost of clean water (not from the sink ).
      and eat anti inflammatory foods using turmeric powder, cinnamon, ginger etc..

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