37 Things I Do To Keep Me Healthy, Happy & Young! Ep40

It’s my 37th Birthday! To celebrate, I’ve compiled a list of 37 things I do to keep me happy, healthy and young! In today’s video I go over 7 of the 37 things, and below is the complete list. Thank you Everyone for your birthday wishes, it fills my heart!

Top 37 Things That I Do To Keep Me Healthy, Happy & Young!

1. Loving myself for who I am
2. Doing things I’m not good at (put the ego aside and have fun!)
3. Vegetable-based green juices daily
4. At least 1 big salad a day
5. 1 Juice Fast a year
6. Water, water, water!
7. Whole food clean diet majority of the time, a treat once in a while, no problem!
8. Rarely drink alcohol
9. Portion control (eat only when hungry)
10. Sweaty exercise (exercise 5-6 days a week)
11. Taking cold showers
12. Dry skin brushing & Clairsonic Mia face brush
13. Flossing my teeth every day
14. Using only natural oils and products on my skin
15. Keeping a relaxed face (try no squint or scrunch the face, it cause wrinkles!)
16. Go to sleep early, wake up early (minimum 8 hours of sleep)
17. Creative projects (making art, making videos, journaling, trying a new recipe, etc..)
18. Learning a new language (I’m learning Indonesian right now!)
19. Being nice
20. Approaching conflict with open ears and an open heart
21. Never go to sleep angry
22. Date night at least once a week with my husband
23. Avoiding gossip
24. Being close with my parents, family, and friends
25. Hanging out with younger people & the elderly
26. Asking questions
27. Finding the good
28. Travel
29. Meditation and prayer
30. Making ‘Me Time’ a priority (taking minimum 30 minutes out of the day to unwind- walking on beach, journaling, hot bath, massage,  etc..)
31. Honesty and integrity
32. Making bold but practical decisions
33. Daring to live my dreams
34. Saving money
35. Happiness is a choice
36. Not being scared to say “I love you.”
37. Age is just a number!


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2 thoughts on “37 Things I Do To Keep Me Healthy, Happy & Young! Ep40

  1. Saying ‘I love you’ seems so hard for so many. I have concluded that it takes courage to say something linked with such vulnerability. Thanks for sharing, Natasha!

  2. First off, you absolutely DO NOT look 37 years old! I am pretty sure my jaw dropped when I read that, because I was positive you were in your early twenties! Bravo for you for keeping up with your health and happiness. I completely agree with this list, and am very thankful about how you tackle health (mental and physical) issues. I do have one question for you, if you don’t mind me asking. Does your husband eat like you as well, as a raw vegan? Does he participate in juice feasts and have the same mentality towards health and vitality that you do? I ask because it is so hard for me to even find girl friends who are on the same mindset as I am about veganism and the benefits of a more raw diet, but finding a boyfriend or a date for that matter even, well, psh forget it! I apologize if this is a too forward/inapropriate question, but I just thought I would ask 🙂 cheers

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