Get The Motivation Back To Exercise! Ep38

Do you find yourself making excuses not to exercise? Here’s some tips, suggestions, and motivation to get you moving!!!

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4 thoughts on “Get The Motivation Back To Exercise! Ep38

  1. Here’s my personal tip for squeezing in more exercise into my day. Since I own an indoor exercise bike and a laptop, I figured out I can place the laptop on the edge of an open ironing board, and that edge goes right in front of the bike seat. Just like those fancy indoor bikes that have a special tray for laptops, but for free! Now I kill time browsing, checking Facebook and playing games without an ounce of guilt:)

  2. I subscribe to your video posts and I find them so positive, insightful, and motivational! Thanks for sharing your unique perspective!

  3. I’ve recently been sick, and going back to the fitness center and getting on the elliptical and getting back into the pool actually made me feel better! I felt as my heart rate was increasing I was clearing out all kinds of sick stuff!

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