Lifestyle Tips For Losing Weight, Ep37

For those who are working on losing weight with their diet & fitness routine, here are a few extra tips of things you can add in to keep you on track, keep motivated and enjoy every step of the way!

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5 thoughts on “Lifestyle Tips For Losing Weight, Ep37

  1. Natasha,
    Thank you for the tips for today. I really needed to hear this. There were some that I hadn’t thought of. Thank you for all of your help.


  2. Thank you Natasha,

    So, true! My plan is Mindful eating with sitting down with my food on a plate. LOL!!! Also, I tend to eat while I”m preparing my food. eeeecks!!!!!

  3. Thanks so much for your tips Natasha :o) I really appreciate the one on dressing nice even though I may not be at my desired weight. I have this tendency to wear a lot of black and stretchy comfortable clothes when way over my desired weight – no more of that!. I want to look nice now not in thirty days when I have lost the weight…lol :o) I agree that this is a great incentive to continue making progress – thanks again!

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