Want To Be More Optimistic? TRY THIS! Ep29

This is my #1 tip on how to develop a more optimistic attitude and start thinking in a more positive way! Forget trying to control your thoughts and mind– just do this!

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One thought on “Want To Be More Optimistic? TRY THIS! Ep29

  1. Thank You! This is a very effective tool. One must also realize that Pessimism is more than just a uncomfortable feeling. It is the very feeling that causes all other things in our live’s to be negative. Optimism is the feeling that creates positive events in our lives which negative thoughts would suppress or doubt. Know who you are! Express who you are! Always think positive and good things WILL somehow start to happen in your life. Universe seems to behave based on what you put out. Pitty, hopelessness, and depression will assure that you do not experience such a treat. Think positive of who you are, and you will be that person.

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