Improving Mood & Depression, Ep27

Speaking from my own experience of dealing with depression, today I share some lifestyle and nutritional tips on how to improve your mood and keep depression at bay.

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2 thoughts on “Improving Mood & Depression, Ep27

  1. Natasha, thank you so much for this video! I saw a lot of myself in things you mentioned! In fact, I started you 10 day juice fast to jump start my transformation. Thanks again, these are great tips! ~ Ninah

  2. Thanks so much for this overview and all the great tips! It’s wonderful that you’ve addressed the topic from so many different angles instead of pointing to just one possible cause. You’re such an incredible person and I’m sooo grateful to have found your site.

    I can absolutely relate to the type of depression you’re describing and am currently in a bit of a downward spiral (or I was until I watched this video). I’ve been overthinking and isolating like crazy and have been putting on my focus onto getting my diet just right. I’d been forgetting about the importance of sunlight, exercise, meditation, socializing, volunteerism…

    “Don’t suffer alone”…great advice..

    Thanks again, Natasha!! You’re a radiant and inspiring woman 🙂

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