How To Transition Off Of A Raw Vegan Diet Without Gaining Weight, Ep22

If you went on a raw vegan diet for weight loss, whether as a short term cleanse or a long term diet and you are thinking of adding cooked food back in your diet and still want to maintain the weight loss, here are some tips to make a smooth transition and not put the weight back on! These tips are not only applicable for transitioning off a raw vegan diet, but moving off of any weight loss diet.

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One thought on “How To Transition Off Of A Raw Vegan Diet Without Gaining Weight, Ep22

  1. You make beautiful videos and your way of expression is very clear, exact and pleasant to the ear! Maybe it would have been useful to mention about the frequency of consumption of the new added foods (will it be twice a week or once a day, etc). Or about the order of consumption (lightest to heaviest throughout each meal). This also helps with assessing when one’s feeling full.

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