Too Many Things You’re Passionate About, What To Do?!, Ep16

Today I’m answering a question from a subscriber that asked about how to choose one’s passion. What if there are so many things one wants to do, how does one choose the right path to go on?

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2 thoughts on “Too Many Things You’re Passionate About, What To Do?!, Ep16

  1. wow! i am so grateful for this video! i was stressing so much about following my modeling career more or just staying with my other job(i do both) & now this video made me realize how much more i love modeling. now i’m convinced to pursue it more! thanks so much!! 😀

  2. We would often discuss that in the discipleship program I participated in, how we could add value to others. It’s just such a transcendent concept. I mean, after all, we all interact and shape each other in ways so broad that I have yet to even fathom. I am just trying to figure out my role in the scheme of all these things.

    Beautiful insights, Natasha.

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