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"I felt like a wise friend was holding my hand through the entire experience!"

I'm so glad that I found Natasha! Her 10-day juice fast prompted me to make some really important healthy changes in my life. The whole experience has been worthwhile and, surprisingly, easy. Her daily videos were a great source of encouragement and information. She's so warm and personal and the forum she's created to talk with other people who are doing the fast at the same time is wonderful support. The fast was an opportunity for me to refocus on personal goals, kick a sugar habit, loose 13 pounds, and reawaken my enjoyment of pure, whole foods, and I felt like a wise friend was holding my hand through the entire experience.

Anne Rivard
Michigan, USA

"It was a good catalyst for change!"

Thanks again for putting on the juice feast, it was a good catalyst for change all around for me! Not only is weight heading down well in the right direction, but same with blood pressure back to normal, and it also got me going back to the gym on a regular basis! This is getting me along on my goal to get back to motocross racing in the spring time :)

Bob K.
Ontario, Canada

"I KNOW I have all the tools to be successful."

The videos and PDFs have been AMAZING - I'm so delighted with all the brilliant advice you have given - it's helped so much more than I expected.

You are really awesome, I really appreciate the amount of thought you must've put into making these videos and PDFs. Because of the fasting videos and pdfs, I KNOW I have all the tools to be successful. Again, the advice is brilliant - very non judgemental and covers all the aspects necessary to be successful irrelevant of someone's personal intentions.

You are a great teacher!

Marli Jones
Sheldon, West Midlands, (England) UK

"I will be back for another fast soon.
You're pretty much a hero in my eyes!"

I was so impressed with the juice feasting videos. They were simply inspiring, doable for anyone. I was surprised at how long and thorough they were. I doubt I could have done this on my own. I had several questions that came up and wouldn't have known where to go for the answers as I'm just starting out with the raw food. Thank goodness the forum was there! I felt completely supported and taken care of be Raw Radiant Health.

The most exciting thing is to report, I QUIT smoking!!!! I had been a pack a day smoker for 11 years and was about convinced that nothing would work. Its unbelievable what juicing can do for the body and spirit. My cravings were gone! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I'm looking forward to continuing this journey with raw food.

I will be back for another fast soon. You're pretty much a hero in my eyes!

Mari Vigesaa
Fairfax, Virginia, USA

"I lost 13 pounds"

I came to the juice fast at a time of great stress: loss of a parent and ongoing immediate family medical crisis. I knew I had to make a very personal change, through a challenge, to cope. I saw Natasha's YouTube videos and saw she knew her stuff and was very interested in help and support, and not control or instruction. The juice fast program was run professionally but sweetly, with direction and guidance when you needed it. It was exactly right for me, being totally freaked by the thought of one more external source of responsibility. I got to nurture my own sense of responsibility to and for myself, taking what worked and letting go of what didn't to get me through the fast. If anyone is skittish about being forced into anything, you won't find that here, don't worry!

I highly recommend this program
, and Natasha's leadership. Others can speak to the immense benefits of the fast itself. I'll throw in that it is extremely beneficial on every level for a challenging time. Its a side-note that I lost 13 pounds of my stress-induced weight gain.

Kathryn Bettis
Tuscaloosa, AL, USA

"The green juices are so beneficial in kicking addictions!"

Natasha, you do an absolutely brilliant job of hosting these juice fasts.

I've enjoyed them so much and Mike too! He's doing really well and we both drink green juice daily.

It's been a really enjoyable and fantastic experience and your 10 day video's are so informative and beautifully put together. You have such a kind and gentle approach and you took the time to answer everyone's questions in the juice fasting forum.

The two 10 day juice fasts I've completed in Jan and Feb have set me up beautifully on my healthy lifestyle journey and have resulted in a fantastic weight loss of 14lbs in 6 weeks.

I've never needed to use any willpower juice fasting. The green juices are so beneficial in kicking addictions.

I can't thank you enough for putting me on this fantastic road to better health. You are the best!

Avril Macintosh
Whitley Bay, UK

"I Feel Grrreeeeaaaaaaattttttttt!!!!!!!!!"

Thank you again for Raw Radiant Health!!!

I made my first green juice when I discovered you on YouTube February 17, 2010. I kinda started transitioning from lacto-ovo vegetarian to vegan to raw on Feb 17th. I then saw you were hosting a juice fast. Well I could not imagine drinking nothing but fresh made juices for ten days. That sounded like an impossibility for me. Well I will say Day 1 was a real test. But as always, your videos are soooooo very encouraging and thorough! Everything was as you said it would be and I could not believe that I was doing my normal daily routines, including my weekend bike riding (63 miles) and working in my yard, going to work, etc. I felt like I'd been on cruise control since Day 5. My family and friends surely noticed my physical changes and I surely appreciate the health gains. I also used this fast as a catalyst to my conversion to vegan and soon to be raw vegan. It was a wonderful experience and was rather easy thanks to the wonderful website that comes with the Fast and the wonderful informative daily videos that's a part of the program.
I Feel Grrreeeeaaaaaaattttttttt!!!!!!!!!

My weight:
Feb 17, 2010: 243
March 1, 2010: 231.5
March 10, 2010: 222.5

Darrell Longstreet
Memphis, USA

"In 10 short days my life has changed!"

I'd just like to say, that in 10 short days, my life has changed. And it has changed for the better. I've been introduced to a whole new world of eating and I am beyond excited to explore it further. Natasha knows what she is talking about, and so if you are looking for advice or considering the juice fast, don't even think further, go head and do it. It will change your life!

Roshel Karu

"I didn't know it would clean my mind of junk too!"

I did not know what were the possible rewards of a juice fast besides the idea of cleaning your body. I didn't know it would clean my mind of junk too. I did the juice fast to challenge myself-to gain confidence that I could do anything I set my mind to as well as cleaning junk from my body. I gained so much more ----self esteem, peace, energy, confidence, and I realized where I judge and make myself unimportant! I am definitely juice fasting again soon! I HIGHLY recommend doing the juice fast with Natasha! She's a great guide as you journey through!

Loan Thach
California, USA

"That gives me a lot of motivation to keep juicing and to eat more raw foods!"

Hey Natasha!

Just wanted to give you a little update. I have had an issue with anemia since I was at least 20, so about 10 years. Depending on the lab, the normal range is about 12-160. Mine has always been around 9. The highest I have ever seen it is 11. I had my iron checked back in April, after doing the two juice fasts. I received a letter in the mail saying it was in the normal range. I figured it was probably only up a few points, maybe to 13. Well, I went to the doctor yesterday and asked what the number was.... and it was 27! I have NEVER seen it that high! I was thrilled! That gives me a lot of motivation to keep juicing and to eat more raw foods. I would like for it to be at least in the 50-70 range, so I still have some work to do, but I feel like it is possible now! Thank you!!!!

Lara Griswold

"It is so easy and so worth it"

I am so glad I found your website! I have never wanted to do a fast of any kind before until I "met" you!! You made it sound FUN! So I tried your 10 day juice fast for the first time and loved it. The first two days and the fourth were the hardest, but nothing like what I expected. It is so easy and so worth it. I lost 10 pounds and almost one dress size. I had a lot of energy, I ran a 5k on day 6 and got better time than the last race I did. I also ran 3 miles on day 9 and felt like I could go forever,. I did not think I could EVER do this for ten days but decided I would make it my present to myself for my birthday. Everyone at my party, on day 10, told me my skin looked great and I seemed happy and full of energy. They were all asking what I had been doing, I definately referred all of them to rawradianthealth.com.


Jaclyn Moore

"I surely recommend this program to anyone who wants to experience a new way of life!!!"

I enjoyed the 10 day juice fasting very much. It was a totally new experience for me! After the 10 days, I feel reborn! Juice fasting was not only about food but also mind. I started seeing things in more depth after the fasting. I guess that this is because our body and mind are strongly connected. If you are healthy your thought will be healthy as well! I feel great after the juice fasting. During the fast there were some moments I nearly give up myself, however, Natasha gave me a good advice and support so that I was able to continue this for 10 days. I surely recommend this program to anyone who wants to experience a new way of life!!

Shinto Saito

"Natasha: you ROCK--it was so nice for you to stay conected as you did, always answering every little question or comment! This proved super helpful!"

Thank YOU Natasha!

Natasha: you ROCK--it was so nice for you to stay conected as you did, always answering every little question or comment! This proved super helpful.

As my first time ever in this type of forum, I now see why one would need a support group~

You can have all the knowledge in the world on "how to" do a fast.... but to do it alone? *eek!*

Your support and that of everyone is SO vital to success...I will be back next month with a juicer (yey!) and getting prepared for my visit to my homeland: Chile..where temptation will abound in the form of my childhood yummy foods!

Love and light to all,


"Best paid program I have seen yet!"

Your juice feast program has been awesome and spectacular idea. Best paid program I have seen yet on it with interaction etc. much better than other programs because you are actually involved.. make up to date videos and care enough to be there and do this kind of thing. I know it brings you in a little income but dang you deserve it! I actually learned a lot.. just wish I had something to keep some of all that info, but guess that keeps us coming back!

Thanks again Natasha


"I almost did not want to break the fast!"

I had a very good experience with fast....it was the very best thing I could have done for my self at this time in my life. It really does force you to spend time with yourself. I ended with a feeling of well being and realizing what a great accomplishment I did. I almost did not want to break the fast and I still love the juices I created. Most of all I made friends with my Jack La-Lane Juicer. I learned how to work it better.

Lucia Regalado

"Not only did I lose 14 pounds, but I gained a sense of peace with food!!"

This juice fast was an extremely positive experience for me. Not only did I lose 14 pounds, but I gained a sense of peace with food. I was afraid that after I started transitioning off the fast that I'd go nuts and eat horrid unhealthy food. Much to my surprise my body is craving healthy food and I'm taking this slowly and really feel in control. I'm starting to honor my body and supplying it with healthy food options.

As of today I am enlightened and feel so renewed in spirit. Many thanks to you, Natasha!

Donna Van Meter

"This is a life change for me!!"

I weighed myself this morning and I did a happy dance in front of the mirror.

I lost 10lbs in 10days!!!

Aside from the weight loss which came as an added bonus, I benefited mostly by gaining the ability to focus and sit still again.

I started this fast after reading an article about Raw Foods and A.D.H.D. (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

I was diagnosed with Adult ADHD years ago and I have refused modern medication.

Having ADHD makes life a little difficult for me but interesting for the people around me. A few days ago, a friend told me that I seemed "different". I told her that I was getting some natural help for ADHD. and she said "It's Working!" When someone notices a change like that in you...it's real. This has REALLY worked for me.

I can focus on tasks and I can sit still!!! This is a big deal!

I sleep throughout the night and I awake feeling refreshed, I even wake up earlier. I feel clear headed and generally happy. Everything just seems lighter..I am lighter. Life is lighter!

This is a life change for me.

Thank You, Natasha, for practicing and teaching what you believe in...and for your inspiring and encouraging words. I am considering a few coaching sessions to help me through this transition. I can not thank you enough.

This is the end of the 10-day Fast...but it's just the beginning for me.

Health and Happiness To All! Congratulations...we did it!


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