Aug 072014

I can be!! Being serious is great when making things happen and getting things done, but it can also put a damper on things and be the source of overwhelm, disappointment, stress, unhappiness and discord in relationships. It’s all about finding balance and sometimes we just need to lighten up!!

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Aug 062014

“Do I think wheat gluten is the worst thing ever?” I get asked this a lot! I think white flour is, but not necessarily barley, rye, wheat berries and spelt that contain wheat gluten. There’s a big difference between the two. If someone has celiac sprue (wheat gluten allergy) or a wheat gluten sensitivity, than yes, cut all foods that contain wheat gluten out of your diet, but for the rest of the population I don’t think people need to go to that extreme. In today’s world there are so many fad diets and extreme eating styles that cause more worry and stress than any benefits, and to me, gluten-free is one of them. I also believe people get “flour-free’ or “white flour-free” confused with “gluten-free!” Yes, please cut out all white flour from you diet (or as much as possible), there isn’t any health benefits from eating goods containing white flour, but to cut out barley, rye, and other whole grains, I don’t see the reasoning unless someone has an allergy or sensitivity to it, or is seriously over eating it.

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Aug 042014

Want to eat healthy but don’t know where to start? Here are three things I suggest getting started with!

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Jul 312014

The first time I made fresh coconut oil at home I was amazed at how easy it is to make! I’m talking VERY EASY!!! And you don’t need any special tools or equipment, and nowadays anyone can get fresh coconuts (the mature brown ones) at grocery stores all over the world, and for cheap!!

In today’s video I show you how to make fresh coconut oil the traditional Indonesian way, this is how my mother-in-law makes it! Even today most households here still make their own coconut oil, and I have to say there is something quite special about having fresh, handmade oil to cook with (and use on your skin too!).

Below are the full instructions, plus a video demo taking you step-by-step through the process.

How To Make Coconut

Homemade Coconut Oil  (makes approx. 1 Cup / 250 mL)

2 Mature Brown Coconuts (meat of)
6 Cups / 1.5 Litres Room Temperature Water
2 Cups / 500 mL Hot/Boiling Water

Grater (to finely grate the coconut meat)
Nut Milk Bag or fine mesh strainer
Very large mixing bowl
Medium size cooking pot (stainless steel)
Laddle / Spoon
Heat-resistant bowl or container (something to put very hot oil in to cool down that won’t split under high heat. Examples: stainless steel bowl, pyrex glass measuring cup, glass or porcelain cookware bowl or dish, stainless steel sauce pot, etc.)
Glass jar or bottle with a lid (to store the oil).

1- Open coconuts and remove coconut meat (click here for instructions on how to open a mature brown coconut).
2- Finely grate the coconut meat and place in a large mixing bowl.
3- Add 2 Cup / 500 mL of room temperature water and mix, squeeze and massage the grated coconut with the water (as you are massaging and squeezing the grated coconut with the water you want to be squeezing out the oil and juice from the grated coconut and also breaking up the coconut fibers). Do this for 5 minutes.
4- Add another 2 Cup / 500 mL of room temperature water and continue mixing, squeezing and massaging the grated coconut with the water for another few minutes.
5- Add the remaining 2 Cup / 500 mL of room temperature water and continue mixing, squeezing and massaging the grated coconut with the water for a few more minutes.
6- With a nut milk bag or fine mesh strainer, strain all the liquids (coconut milk) and discard the coconut pulp.
7- Transfer the coconut milk to a large mixing bowl.
8- Add small amounts of hot or boiling water to the coconut milk until it is warm.
9- Leave uncovered at room temperature overnight (at least 8-12 hours).
10- The next morning there will be a thick layer of coconut curd and oil floating on the surface. Gently skim it off and put the curd/oil into a stainless steel pot to boil down and make the oil. Discard the remaining coconut water.
11- Put the pot on the stove over high heat and bring to a boil.
12- Once it starts vigorously bubbling, reduce heat to medium (you want it to continue bubbling and cooking out all the liquids, but you don’t want it too hot that it will burn the coconut curd that settles on the bottom. No need to stir or mix.
13- Cook for 15-30 minutes until the oil splits from the coconut curd and all liquids have evaporated (you’ll know when it is ready, it will just be clear or yellow oil remaining in the pot with the coconut curd on the bottom).
14- Transfer oil immediately to a heat-resistant bowl, container or pot to allow the oil to cool.
15- Once oil is completely cool, transfer to a clean and dry glass jar or container and seal with a lid.
16- Can be stored at room temperature.
17- Enjoy!

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Jul 292014

After yesterday’s video 3 BIGGEST MISTAKES I Made When Transitioning Off Of A Long-Term Raw Vegan Diet, Ep115, I was asked why I didn’t just return to a vegetarian diet to resolve my vitamin B12 deficiency instead of adding meat, fish, seafood and animal products into my diet. This is a great question, especially because I was a vegetarian for most of my life and while on a vegetarian diet I never had an issue with a vitamin B12 deficiency, it was only until I was on a raw vegan diet for a few years did a problem come up. In today’s video I explain why I so drastically changed my diet to reverse the vitamin B12 deficiency, and how where I live, what foods are locally available to me and how my health history had a huge influence in that decision.

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