Natasha St. Michael is all about health, happiness & radiance! We only live once and why not create the best lives possible? After hosting Raw Radiant Health video blog & website for over two years with over 30 000 subscribers, Natasha felt it was time to expand… to do more, be more and offer more! Her passion is making dreams a reality and taking one’s life as far as it can go.

With Raw Radiant Health, Natasha focused on promoting a raw food diet & natural health. From her own personal experience of being on a raw vegan diet for almost 4 years, she was able to reverse Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), quit smoking, let go of her sugar & caffeine addictions, clear up adult acne, naturally heal receding gums and regain her fertility. This was major, and over and over again Natasha was able to see the healing powers of the body from eating a pure, fresh and natural diet, and therefore she promoted it! But in 2010, Natasha was diagnosed with a severe vitamin B12 deficiency. She had been taking vitamin B12 supplements for over a decade but her body was not absorbing it. She was therefore in the position to choose between staying on a 100% raw vegan diet and getting monthly injections of vitamin B12 for the rest of her life or changing her diet by including animal foods. After being a vegetarian for over 23 years and on a raw vegan diet for almost 4 years, Natasha made the switch and added animal foods into her daily diet. Natasha has always been a firm believer in sticking to a whole food diet, cooked and/or raw, but most importantly that one eats as much natural, fresh, whole foods as possible, and avoids processed, refined, junk foods to the best of one’s ability. For Natasha, making this dietary change was a testament of the importance of flexibility, and always putting one’s health first over any dogma or theoretical belief.

Natasha is a coach, a motivator, an instigator. At the beginning of her coaching practice she focused on diet and nutrition as a means to assist people in establishing health and wellness in their lives. Natasha herself dealt with many serious illnesses starting with being born with a heart defect and having open heart surgery at the young age of five years old and then later on in her teens and twenties she had all sorts of health issues from pre-cancer of the cervix, Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), severe depression and even a rare bone disease in her hip. Her life was full of drama with a lot of ups and downs, such that she was able to see first hand the direct correlation between how she took care of herself, how she lived and how that affected the overall quality of her health and life. From these experiences and being able to heal herself, Natasha not only got healthy, but actually started feeling better than ever, resulting in her being inspired to coach and work with people, assisting them with weight loss, increasing energy, clearing acne, reversing chronic health conditions, improving mood, letting go of food addictions, alleviating dietary allergies and digestive issues, etc… Working with thousands of clients, she very quickly realized there was more to health and wellness than just the food! Yes, one’s diet does have an effect on weight, energy, mood, quality of life, fitness and wellness, but overall health is determined by every part of a person’s life, and if someone is stressed, miserable in their relationships, unsatisfied at work, anxious, depressed, isolated, lonely, overwhelmed by financial burdens, etc… no matter how great their diet is, they won’t be living to their fullest potential, or achieving the happiness & fulfillment they rightfully deserve.

Natasha’s personal goal and mission is to inspire and motivate as many people as possible to take better care of themselves, honor their lives and live to the fullest! She has now created Radiance Central to continue her video blogging on diet, health and nutrition, with expanded topics for both beginner and advanced health enthusiasts, plus taking it even further to include elements of personal development and lifestyle coaching, including exploring the path to goals like improved self esteem & confidence, finding one’s life purpose, getting one’s dream career, finding true love, conflict resolution and improved personal finances.

Natasha lives in Bali, Indonesia with her husband and daughter. At the young age of 38 she has created the life she always dreamed of living. She is thriving and she wants to spread the energy & message that Everything & Anything Is Possible! Natasha is qualified as a Certified Holistic Health Counselor by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She works fulltime as a Health & Lifestyle Coach, hosts monthly online Juice Fasting Programs, 7 Day Raw Food Challenges and a free educational & motivational video blog.