Quick Tip For Acne & Better Skin! Ep25

If you are trying to clear up acne or get better skin, do this!

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2 thoughts on “Quick Tip For Acne & Better Skin! Ep25

  1. This is extremely important and helpful to know! It’s actually a very rare tip and you don’t see it anywhere with exact explanations as to how it’s related to the lymphatic system. With all my reading on detox and on acne, I still hadn’t heard it. Thanks!

    Also, in case you haven’t yet, I suggest everyone buys themself a vegetable-bristle body brush for dry brushing. I have to say it’s the best buy I’ve made this year. It’s also said to help the lymphatic system and cellulite, but even if that’s not provable, it still helps with dead skincells more than anything, it’s free and you don’t even waste water.

    1. OK, actually now I recall hearing this in the movie “Sugar: The Bitter Truth”. There the speaker discussed how working out does nada for weight loss if you’re on the SAD diet but it does help detox out its ickiness. But I don’t think he mentioned acne, though I should have made that simple inference.

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